Friday, October 2, 2009

Random thoughts

Realizing that some days, lists and random thoughts just happen when blogging (see the Yarn Harlot)

1. At some point continuing on when the outcome doesn't look good could be a sign on character. Continuing on with a sweater which has already been proven to be more than 12" too wide with the hope that washing it will cause it to shrink up is possibly not the character I want to project on the world.

2. I'm still not ripping out the sweater (for the 4th time!)

3. Unschooling is a wonderful way to teach kids when Mama is sick with a cold.

4. Watching UK's "You are What You Eat" just makes me hungry.

5. Girlie's girl scout troop is hoping to go camping in the spring if we can raise enough money from the cookie sale. We are looking at going here- Plus go tubing on a local river.

6. Girlie has decided to be a songwriter, Boyo has moved on from wanting to be a policeman- I think.

7. At some point I have to buy more yarn for the too large sweater.