Tuesday, April 21, 2015

It has been a few years

So I finally remembered I had a blog.  And after looking and trying to find it, I had almost given up hope.  But then in some lost folder in my email, there is was.  Hi Little Blog, I missed you. It has been so busy in the last 5 years! The kids are bigger, both are in school. Boyo is heading off to High School, and Girlie is going to Middle School.  Oh how the time has flown!

So I got a new job where I will be, eventually,  writing a blog and I want to get back into practice.  And while this blog will no longer offer any new free lap-books (which were amazing for helping my kids learn- thank you internet who introduced them into my life), I will start offering patterns and pattern reviews on sewing, knitting and general crafty-ness stuff.

So welcome back to the Mousetower!!