Monday, June 29, 2009

Great news for Reading

I just got an email today from my favorite reading program *ever* Progressive Phonics. It seems that they have found a sponsor and are now offering their wonderful books, not for the $10 I paid as a teacher but for Free, Yep you read that right F-R-double E, Free!

Can you tell I am excited? I thought that this was a great system when I wrote about it back in January. But now 6 months later I can see the progress that girlie has made and it is impressive. 6 months ago she fought her way though Bob books (Mat sat on Cat) and now she is reading beginner chapter books. Boyo wouldn't move out of the books with pictures until this year so she is doing really great.
If you are teaching your little one to read, try these books. You will be amazed at the progress!

Sunday, June 21, 2009


I have a new phone!!
The phone I had was older than Boyo and had chew marks from when he was cutting teeth. It was time for a new one.

Verizon had a deal with hubby's work to get a discount so we not only got me a new phone, Hubby got one for himself too!! Yay! Now we don't have to share and I might be able to actually get a hold of hubby when I want him (insert laughter here as if Hubby would answer).

I am so excited about the phone!!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

misplaced priorities

The other day I had only 1 kid. I like when I can get one on one time with a kid but that is not what this post is about.
Kidlet and I went to BJ's to get some gas and I saw things that made my blood run cold before it started to boil.
On the other side of the pump was a mom. She had her 10 year old son pumping the gas for her (issue 1) while she had her toddler out of the car (issue 2) near the pump (issue 3). When her son was done she told him not to top off the tank, "it is bad for the environment" (issue 4) Both kids got in the back set and Mom drove away from the pump (issue 5).

Issue 1: 10 year olds should not be pumping gas. Especially at a busy gas stations. If they really need a job skill at 10, how about weeding or gardening? Stuff that won't kill brain cells or put them in danger from unaware drivers.

Issue 2: Why get a toddler out of the car for the 5 minutes it takes to pump gas? You just have to buckle them back in which takes another 5 minutes. If they really need to get out and stretch their legs, unbuckle them but keep them in the car. Little people can run fast and at under 2 1/2 feet drivers wouldn't be able to see them if they ran into the road.

Issue 3: Little kids brains are developing so why expose them to toxins that kill brain cells (fumes from gas).

Issue 4: What mom cares about the environment when she puts her own kids at risk like that? Yes one shouldn't top off the tank, I guess, I mean I do it, but whatever. But then why is she playing fast and loose with her kids?

Issue 5: Both kids got in the back and mom drove off. Little kid was not buckled or even sitting down when she started the car and drove. Older kid did get the little one down and buckled but is it his job? Did a 10 year old have this toddler? I am all for siblings helping out and I have had Boyo help Girlie buckle but I don't move the car until everyone is buckled in. It is my job as the mom and the driver to make sure everyone is buckled and safe before I move the car.

I was so annoyed at this mom! I;m sure she didn't see anything wrong with how she was acting and it isn't my place to judge other people. Tell me what you would have thought if you saw what I saw. Was I far off the mark?

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Summer Fun

Life has given me a special chance this summer. Since I will only be working minimally, I will have lots of time to do fun and interesting things with the kids. Since you know how much I love lists- here is my summer to do list.
  1. Go to the free movies at the movie theater with the kids
  2. Make 15 tabards before Pennsic
  3. do park day at the creek regularly
  4. Boy scout camp
  5. Girl scout camp
  6. Pennsic (maybe 2 weeks!!!)
  7. Summer reading program at the library
  8. Make new summer garb for Hubby
  9. Make new garb for me (new dresses with embroidery!!)
  10. pick fruit at Bauger's
  11. Take a playdate to a horse farm (and hopefully avoid the hospital due to allergies afterwards)
  12. Spend time doing Math with Girlie
  13. Spend time reading with the kids and having them do quiet reading everyday
  14. More Playdates!!