Monday, June 29, 2009

Great news for Reading

I just got an email today from my favorite reading program *ever* Progressive Phonics. It seems that they have found a sponsor and are now offering their wonderful books, not for the $10 I paid as a teacher but for Free, Yep you read that right F-R-double E, Free!

Can you tell I am excited? I thought that this was a great system when I wrote about it back in January. But now 6 months later I can see the progress that girlie has made and it is impressive. 6 months ago she fought her way though Bob books (Mat sat on Cat) and now she is reading beginner chapter books. Boyo wouldn't move out of the books with pictures until this year so she is doing really great.
If you are teaching your little one to read, try these books. You will be amazed at the progress!

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