Thursday, June 18, 2009

misplaced priorities

The other day I had only 1 kid. I like when I can get one on one time with a kid but that is not what this post is about.
Kidlet and I went to BJ's to get some gas and I saw things that made my blood run cold before it started to boil.
On the other side of the pump was a mom. She had her 10 year old son pumping the gas for her (issue 1) while she had her toddler out of the car (issue 2) near the pump (issue 3). When her son was done she told him not to top off the tank, "it is bad for the environment" (issue 4) Both kids got in the back set and Mom drove away from the pump (issue 5).

Issue 1: 10 year olds should not be pumping gas. Especially at a busy gas stations. If they really need a job skill at 10, how about weeding or gardening? Stuff that won't kill brain cells or put them in danger from unaware drivers.

Issue 2: Why get a toddler out of the car for the 5 minutes it takes to pump gas? You just have to buckle them back in which takes another 5 minutes. If they really need to get out and stretch their legs, unbuckle them but keep them in the car. Little people can run fast and at under 2 1/2 feet drivers wouldn't be able to see them if they ran into the road.

Issue 3: Little kids brains are developing so why expose them to toxins that kill brain cells (fumes from gas).

Issue 4: What mom cares about the environment when she puts her own kids at risk like that? Yes one shouldn't top off the tank, I guess, I mean I do it, but whatever. But then why is she playing fast and loose with her kids?

Issue 5: Both kids got in the back and mom drove off. Little kid was not buckled or even sitting down when she started the car and drove. Older kid did get the little one down and buckled but is it his job? Did a 10 year old have this toddler? I am all for siblings helping out and I have had Boyo help Girlie buckle but I don't move the car until everyone is buckled in. It is my job as the mom and the driver to make sure everyone is buckled and safe before I move the car.

I was so annoyed at this mom! I;m sure she didn't see anything wrong with how she was acting and it isn't my place to judge other people. Tell me what you would have thought if you saw what I saw. Was I far off the mark?

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  1. Issue 1: I wouldn't worry about the gasoline fumes, since many home cleaners can be just as bad. However if the kid isn't particularly aware or tall, then they shouldn't be pumping gas at a busy station.

    Issue 4: Do not top off your tank. The gas hose cuts off when the tank is at the maximum amount that it can hold safely. To add more gas is to risk spilling gasoline on your car and the ground. In some states, that's then defined as an enviromental hazard and the gas attendant should be calling 911. Really! Gas that isn't properly stored can get into the water supply and will hurt more kids.

    As for the rest; yeah, that's a bad parent.

    - R