Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Summer Fun

Life has given me a special chance this summer. Since I will only be working minimally, I will have lots of time to do fun and interesting things with the kids. Since you know how much I love lists- here is my summer to do list.
  1. Go to the free movies at the movie theater with the kids
  2. Make 15 tabards before Pennsic
  3. do park day at the creek regularly
  4. Boy scout camp
  5. Girl scout camp
  6. Pennsic (maybe 2 weeks!!!)
  7. Summer reading program at the library
  8. Make new summer garb for Hubby
  9. Make new garb for me (new dresses with embroidery!!)
  10. pick fruit at Bauger's
  11. Take a playdate to a horse farm (and hopefully avoid the hospital due to allergies afterwards)
  12. Spend time doing Math with Girlie
  13. Spend time reading with the kids and having them do quiet reading everyday
  14. More Playdates!!

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