Monday, September 21, 2009

College of homemaking

OK I am still working on the College of Homemaking stuff. So far it is going well.

1. 2 knitting projects in the works, Getting closer to done on the mitts and almost to the armholes on Hubby's sweater.
2. I made Baking Soda biscuits. I liked them, the kids ate them some and Hubby wanted me to buy a sifter. Since I now have a sifter I'm going to try it again and see if they turn out better.
3. Make an embroidered item: Still working on Hubby's Russian Garb. I just need to do the embroidery at the bottom.

As it is getting colder here, Hubby's sweater is a priority.

Oh and as a "yay" (something good that you do for yourself or others) I make the kids a list of what school work they have to do each day. I have started making one for myself with housekeeping chores on it.

Today's chores were -
  1. Wash the windows inside and out-- done
  2. Laundry Remember to get the stuff from the line before dark --done
  3. Practice Violin -- done
  4. cook some beans to freeze-- done
  5. Make all the beds -- done

I figure 5 chores that I don't normally do a day will eventually lead me to better habits and a cleaner house.

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