Sunday, September 20, 2009


I was thinking last night about Girlie's birth. It was a traumatic experience for me- I don't know how Girlie took it, I can't remember. After being induced I had a short-ish labor (5 hours), no drugs except that sleeping pill which the nurse promised me would let me sleep during the early stages of labor (not really) and ended up in the OR after delivery. I'm guessing the hospital birth was a better plan than the birthing center with the midwives.

One of my favorite pics of Hubby and Girlie. Both taking a nap. I'm guessing the birth was traumatic for them too.

If you look close you can see Girlie smiling. Sorry for the quality of the pics. I had a terrible room for recovery.

Girlie is now 6 years old and I am amazed at how she has grown and changed. She is a sweet, loving, funny, opinionated, dramatic, "balls to the walls" kinda girl.

As we are getting ready for a test at the hospital next week, that will require Girlie to be sedated, if you have a moment please send some good wishes her way, and for Hubby and I too, as we are all a bit concerned over the procedure. Even though we have been assured that it is "routine" and "nothing to get excited about" she is our baby and the thought of what is to happen is scary.

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  1. Sweet memories. We are coming up on the fifth birthday of our youngest "girlie"