Friday, February 12, 2010

Yarn Harlot's Knitting Olympics

So I decided to do Yarn Harlot's knitting Olympics My goal is to knit a sweater for my dear wonderful hubby using the wallaby pattern (sans hood) in reclaimed yarn from the "sweater that was much too big" tm I have 17 days to get it done starting 9 pm Friday. Yay!!

So far I had Boyo frog the "sweater that was much too big" tm It was much yarn!! It is all balled up and I even did a gauge swatch so everything should work out right. Did I mention that I am changing the pattern from straight stockinette to a moss stitch? Well it gave me 8st/2inch instead of the 9st/2 in but as this yarn has a tendency to shrink when washed and hubby likes stuff big. I should be alright.

I am using lion brand wool ease in hunter green.

Feel free to join in! Click on the yarn harlot link to get full directions and all. Good Luck.

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