Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Thanks Patty

I am a crafter. I scrapbook (a little), I knit (all winter) and sew (all summer). I am content with that.
But let me tell you about my friend Patty. She is an artist. She has had her work published and is even a contributor to an e-zine. She makes amazing papercrafts. The things Patty can do with paper and a cricut would blow your mind. Each birthday, holiday and anniversary, I wait with bated breath for the next wonderful card she will send. We have actually kept some of her cards for years.

Knowing Patty's skill set, and not finding anything that I liked for the cover of our civil war lapbooks, I begged her for a favor. I asked her to make some paper dolls and decorations for the kids to use. Honestly, I gave her practically no guideline other than whatever was made for Girlie, she could assemble herself. After all Girlie is a crafty type kid. I knew Patty could come up with something better than I ever could have thought of.

And she did! Patty not only made nifty silhouettes for Boyo, but she sent 4 different paper doll soldiers for Girlie to assemble. Each came in their own envelope with a picture of what they would look like all put together, and all the bit and pieces cut out and ready to be glued.

The kids were so excited by the details and loved putting the dolls together. Girlie even let Boyo assemble one and put it in his lapbook, after they played civil war battle of course :)

My favorite part about these dolls is the attention to detail, not just historically but practically. All the pieces were big enough that 6 year old fingers could glue them without help and there were neat extras for each doll- a canteen, sword, bayonet or gun.

And if all that wasn't enough, she sent me a card in the package. it is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen! She took my "mousetower" name and made this... oh there just aren't words. It is sophisticated, whimsical, and oh- just look for yourself.

How perfect is this!!
Patty- You are amazing. Thank you for taking the time to make these dolls for the kids, for giving them something tangible to cement some of the ideas we talked about with the civil war soldiers, and for every card you have sent us in the more than 12 years I have known you. And thank you Eric for helping with the research, I look forward to seeing you in August.

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  1. Momma Mia
    You have amazing friends and you and your family certainly benefit from them. Thanks for sharing your friends with the rest of us.
    Love, Aunt De