Thursday, January 28, 2010

Thursday 13

I really like this meme. I mean really. It fills my need for lists and gives me a schedule so I don't neglect my blog (like I did after a 2 week vacation in August when I went to visit it and wondered why it hadn't been updated.) It gives me a chance to share my thoughts and expound on stuff that I hadn't thought about that hard. But this isn't the topic of today's Thursday 13 (mostly because I ran out of stuff at 5)

Today's topic is......sewing. I like to sew, I have been doing it since I was a kid but didn't really take off with it until I was in high school. I taught my son to use the sewing machine at 4 (my daughter at 5) . So I present 13 reasons why sewing is useful.

  1. I get to use my creativity.
  2. I am making something that can be used by my family.
  3. When I get the fabric for free, I can make new clothes for the kids for the cost of my time.
  4. On patterns that I know backwards and forwards, I can whip them out in no time.
  5. My kids (and family) appreciate homemade stuff.
  6. I can sell some of the stuff I make and earn a little extra money.
  7. I can do it at home without having to send my kids away.
  8. I can make things that actually fit my super skinny boy without being too babyish.
  9. I can make things that fit my daughter that are not hoochie
  10. Sewing makes it easy for people to shop for me, they just buy gift certificates to fabric stores.
  11. It is kinda cool to know how to fix that expensive outfit you bought when it rips the 3rd time you wore it.
  12. My kids love when people ask where they got their pants, shirts, dresses and they get to say "Mama made it for me."
  13. I can't hear people calling for me when the sewing machine is going. :)

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