Thursday, January 21, 2010

Thursday 13

I love lists so this meme might become a weekly thing.

13 reasons I love my husband (probably should save this for nearer to Valentine's Day but why waste love) -- in no particular order...

  1. He provides well for our family.

  2. He is steadfast.

  3. He plays with the kids.

  4. He gives me insight into things that I never really think about.

  5. He plays a mean guitar.

  6. Sometimes he can break things down well enough to explain stuff to the kids.

  7. Sometimes he needs to to translate for him, or them.

  8. He buys me all the yarn or fabric I could want, never having said, "Don't you have enough?"

  9. He is supportive for homeschooling even if he thinks I am too easy on the kids.

  10. He eats what I make for dinner before he critiques it.

  11. He talks to me about his game or work even though he knows I don't understand it.

  12. He listens to my concerns, worries or venting and only tries to give a solution if I ask for one.

  13. He loves me.


  1. your husband sounds like a terrific guy! If he hasn't seen your blog, you can print the entry out for him on Valentine's Day. :) Glad to see you on Thursday Thirteen, look forward to seeing you again!

  2. Are you historical reenactors, or is that just a one-time costume thing?

    That's a lovely list of reasons to love your husband.

  3. I just read through your blog and answered my own question. Another SCAdian, I see? I'm an on-again, off-again...though my dirty dirty secret shame is that I'm a recovered LARPer. Shhhhh....