Monday, January 11, 2010

Question of the week

I saw this over at Wayzley and though I should do it too.

What activities outside of Homeschooling are your children involved in? (also include kids ages please)

How important do you think having your kids in extra-curricular activities is?

Would your kids do less, more or the same amount if they were in a traditional school setting?

My answers:
This is hard for me to answer since everything we do is part of homeschooling. Both my kids (8 and 6) do scouts, art and a cooking class and at the moment that is it. In the past they have done Gymnastics, swimming lessons and soccer.

I think it is important to do outside activities, I would love to have Boyo in Gymnastics or Rock climbing. I would love to have Girlie in a drama class. But the money isn't there for Gymnastics and Girlie isn't old enough for the play productions in my area.

If my kids went to traditional school I think they would only do scouts or scouts and one other thing since traditional school takes up so much time that even if I was working and could afford it, there wouldn't be time to do it.

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