Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Last trip to the Hospital

The last time I posted about going to the Hospital was a couple days before Girlie's first visit. Now the night before her 3rd visit, it seems that we are old pros. Girlie is excited to go (can you believe that?) Thank Heavens for the Doctors and Nurses as they have been wonderful each and every time.
The medicine they give her seems to make her not remember much of anything after taking it until hours later when she is back home. I love that!! The first time on it she saw fairies for about 2+ hours. The second time she seemed to come out of it quicker and there were no fairies. I think that was because of the IV. We will see how she does with it tomorrow.
I really commend the Doctor and the hospital staff. They have gone above and beyond to make this an easy deal for Girlie and me.
Please tomorrow morning send good thoughts our way as we go though what is hopefully the last test.

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