Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Civil War

We have been working on a Civil War Lapbook after an impromptu trip to Gettysburg PA to see the battlefield.

When we are finished I will try and post pictures of the completed project but in case I forget here are the resources I used. They might be helpful.

Lapbooks Parts:
Dynamic 2 moms http://dynamic2moms.webs.com/warbetweenthestates.htm
Wonderful, even-handed approach. We used many of their components. Boyo used the Gettysburg address for copywork.
-Causes for war
-Other names for the war
-Famous people North and South
-Clara Barton
-Harriet Beecher Stowe
-Matthew Brady
-Gettysburg Address
-Cotton Gin
-Cotton Boil
-Harriet Tubman
-Slavery and the road to war

Homeschool Share http://www.homeschoolshare.com/civil_war_lapbook_templates.php
We used a few from here. Not a bunch since Dynamic Moms was so complete.
- Buglers
- Uniforms
-Eat like a soldier (involves cooking)
- Hardtack and Johnny Bread Recipes http://www.homeschoolshare.com/docs54478/civil_war/recipes.pdf

Then there were the books from the Library :

Harriet Tubman, a woman of courage / by the editors of Time for kids ; with Renee Skelton.
Minty : a story of young Harriet Tubman / by Alan Schroeder ; pictures by Jerry Pinkney
An apple for Harriet Tubman / by Glennette Tilley Turner ; illustrated by Susan Keeter
Harriet Tubman : the life of an African-American abolitionist / by Rob Shone & Anita Ganeri ; illustrated by Rob Shone.
Dadblamed Union Army cow / Susan Fletcher ; illustrated by Kimberly Bulcken Root

Red Legs : a drummer boy of the Civil War / by Ted Lewin
Charley Waters goes to Gettysburg / Susan Sinnott ; photographs by Dorothy Handelman

These 2 books are about a re-enactment, and as re-enactors this very inspiring and made lots of sense to my kids.

The Battle of Bull Run / by Deborah Kops
Welcome to Addy's world, 1864 : growing up during America's Civil War / written by Susan Sinnott

DVD- Harriet Tubman [videorecording] / NEST Family Entertainment and Rich Animation Studios

There were many more books but these are the ones I haven't returned yet. Since we live very close to Gettysburg there was an ample supply of books to choose from at the library.

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