Thursday, April 16, 2009

2009 list

So here it is April, everyone has paid taxes by now. If not, you are late buddy!! So what's new?

I am going to the homeschool fair tomorrow. I've had 2 mama's nights out this week. Well one was to check out a new homeschooling option and one was the boyscout round table but I didn't have the kids with me for the first and someone else watched them for the second so I was mostly kid free.

But I was reminded to check my list to see how I have been doing on my goals for this year. Here is the list again in case you forgot: (updated with what I have accomplished- I even figured out how to do strike though!!)

  • Research insurance coverage for private speech therapy
  • Learn to cook 2 new recipes that picky hubby will eat I have 1 so far
  • Put all recipes that picky hubby will eat in a binder so I will know if it is an actually thing he has tried and liked.
  • Knit a new sweater for Boyo
  • Knit a baby sweater for Jessica's bun in the oven
  • Repaint the living room or at least touch up the spots that need a second coat
  • Hang the DVD cabinet
  • Organize school stuff
  • Buy bookshelves for living room
  • Buy baskets for daily school stuff, one basket per kid, so the daily getting started will be easier
  • Separate the kids into their own bedrooms
  • Paint the kids' bedrooms
  • Put curtains in all the windows of the house
  • Dry clean curtains for living room window
  • Get the right kind of hardware for living room curtains and hang them
  • Blog at least 3 times a week Trying but I =can't think of much to say
  • Offer the Andrew Lost lapbook templates to the homeschooling community for free
  • Post knitting pattern for bitty baby socks and bitty baby sweater from sock yarn
  • Make Girlie a dress to wear to the girl scout Daddy-Daughter Dance
  • Get Jessica's recipe for Mac and Cheese
  • Make everyone entire new wordrobes for good linen and wool for Pennsic
  • Boyo's List
    1. Lapbook the entire Andrew Lost series and get it bound
    2. Finish Singapore Math 2B and 3A
    3. Take a reading level placement test
    4. Finish History Curriculum
    5. Learn to knit with 2 colors
    6. Learn to play chess (to earn the cub scout belt loop)
    7. Fight at practice every day while at Pennsic
    8. Become a better, more detailed writer

    Girlie's List
    1. Learn to read at a 1st grade level
    2. Take a reading level placement test
    3. Learn to speak well enough to not need speech therapy
    4. Take a tour of the local elementary school in case she does end up there
    5. Learn to count to 100 using English words (thirteen instead of 10-3)

    So I am not as far as I was hoping to be by April but I am not too far behind either. I think I will move the kids and paint thier rooms this summer when I can have the windows open (better than doing it in the winter!)

    So little by little I hope to chop down my list. How is your list going?

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