Sunday, April 19, 2009

The weekend and Wikki stix

I have been sick this weekend. Sorry to share but I don't get the whole lay on the sofa and not move for hours kind of sick very often. This was it though. I feel much better today by the way. So other than updating you on my life what did this have to do with anything you might ask.

Well while I was sick on the sofa, Girlie opened her present from the homeschool fair. I had gotten her a big package of wikki stix which are wax covered strings that can be molded and shaped in to different things. See picture above.

Speaking of the Homeschool fair, BFF-Mom and I had a wonderful time. We met up with one of her friends and shopped together. I found some cute history comic books for Boyo and I have at least a grade and a half of math for each of my kids. We are also going to try some Charlotte Mason Language Arts this year with a nifty workbook from Queens Homeschooling. Each kid has one. The link shows the one Boyo will use. We have used Charlotte Mason LA before and Boyo learned a ton but he didn't like working from one book into a notebook. Boyo prefers workbooks for LA and math (he actually told me so) so that is how we roll.

I also picked up a creative writing program for him as the LA I chose is heavy in grammar, picture study and copywork but light on creative writing. I choose Write on Target to develop his creative and functional writing. I like that they use graphic organizers and they give a sample in addition to the prompt. Also because each grade level covers the same topics, just in more detail, I could use the same program for both kids for Girlie's 2nd grade and Boyo's 4th grade years.

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