Monday, May 25, 2009

Home from Sapphire Joust

First a thought about today- As the Baroness of Care Bear (not the real name but funnier) mentioned yesterday. As a Medieval recreation society, we play at war. But there are those who are fighting the good fight and serving far from home and loved ones. Let's give them a moment in prayer or good intentions or thought that they may be safe and protected. May they come home whole and hale. May they be forever remembered if they do not.

Now to the playing at war...

We were at Sapphire Joust this weekend to some fighting, camping and general good times. This was the first camping trip for both kids that wasn't Pennsic and they both loved it!!!!!

Boyo authorized and fought in his first tournament. He is in Red.

He fought double sword the entire tournament and did exceptionally well with them.

And he won the division!!

Boyo with his prize, a treasure box full of chocolate. There was a bit of a mix up at the first court but it was all straightened out and Boyo had a large cheering section with Heads and Anglesey there to support him. The populous made funny comments when he walked down to the Baron and Baroness. Silly things like "Awww, he's so little" "look how cute he is!"

Then when Boyo took a knee in front of the Excellencies (he all but disappeared from sight given his size, hopefully Ursas got a picture of that) There were more Awws.

It was a wonderful presentation for Boyo and he was so proud!!

Some of the mix up was because Boyo wasn't identified as Hubby's son. All the paper work on him was under my name so Boyo is trying to decide on a medieval name.

His choices...

A. Boyo of Headclan

B. Boyo Borsson

C. Boyo the conqueror.

Personally I am voting for A or B as Girlie could be Girlie of Headclan or Girlie Borsdotter.

Log your vote and I'll try and convince the boy.


  1. Boyo Borsson for several reasons

    1. All good Vikings knew who their fathers were and bore their names proudly. And he wants a Viking name because it tells everyone how fierce he is.

    2. With the way Norse names worked, Boyo can add and change nicknames or locatives as he pleases. But because so many cultures used nicknames and locatives, the opposite isn't always true. Or to put it another way:

    Boyo Borsson can still be Boyo of Headclan or Boyo the conqueror but Boyo of Headclan and Boyo the conqueror can't necessarily be Boyo Borsson.

    3. His mom likes it.

    4. With that name he'll always know how proud his father is of him.

    5. He can't be "the conqueror" until he conquerors a kingdom or at least a barony. Two other boys in his division aren't enough.

    6. He has to be 18 before joining Headclan. (And if he doesn't then there should be a rule about that!)

    7. Saftey! If he gets lost at an event, his name will help people find his parents.

    Boyo's proud aunt

  2. I like Boyo Borsson because of what Girlie's name will be. And if that is his father's last name, that's more reason to use it, too. Thanks for asking!