Saturday, May 9, 2009

Scouting - Homeschool style

Since Girlie is moving up to Brownies. (yay do a happy dance!) I have been checking out the try-its that she can earn. This past year we used Boy's beltloops for parts of our history and science curricula. As I research the different try-its I feel confident that I will be able to do the same thing for Girlie.

Plus I discovered some really cool stuff! There are 60 try-its available through GS-USA. There are at least that many available through the different councils around the country.

Huh? you ask. Well there is the national over-group. Then each area has its own council. This area is usually a couple counties. For instance the nation's council is for Washington DC, Montgomery, Frederick, Charles, Calvert and PG county in Maryland and some other counties in VA. I have to say I think that is a really big geographical area except for the fact all the highways are centered around DC so it is pretty easy to get to the different areas.

Anyway, the GS-USA has try-its and each council can develop their own try-its also which are sometimes made available to troops outside of that council area. So using what I have found online for the different council try-its Girlie (and by extension Boyo since they will both do the work even if Boyo doesn't get a try-it) should have lots of variety and learn so much stuff next year.

Since the homeschool troop is small and just starting out, I will end up paying for the try-its but I have found there are tons on ebay and since each patch is only $1 or so plus shipping, I still figure that it won't be too high a cost for all the knowledge the kids will gain plus it is cheaper than some of the boxed curricula I looked at.

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