Saturday, March 7, 2009

Hair Day

So after taking the pictures of the kids and Mr. Bunny the other day, Girlie got fed up with the hair falling in her way (if she had tucked it behind her ear it would have solved the problem) but being 5 and a rather impatient sort of girl, she took the scissors and did some damage.
Friday we got it fixed. Here is Girlie before-

Notice the hair on the left side of her head? Hours later it was missing (surprisingly the stuff hanging in her eyes in the picture was still there. The logic of a 5 year old mind astounds me)
We went to the local hair cutting school and they couldn't figure out what to do about Girlie's fallen locks until I suggested this...


  1. What a cute haircut! I'm so happy to read about Mr. Bunny and all the fun things you all do! Thanks so very much for this blog!! Love!!

  2. She looks adorable! Soooo grown up! and no more tangles!