Monday, March 16, 2009


My mom took me and the kids to Pittsburgh over the weekend. It is always such an adventure to go to the big city.

Saturday Risko kept the kids at a yarn store. Boyo has a "job" there pricing balls of yarn. Girlie helped him. From what I understand it was quite an adventure. There was the yarn store, food, parks, and finally back to the hotel. (thank you hotel staff that recognized my kids even if you didn't recognize the woman they were with and let them all back into the room- 2 thumbs up!)

Sunday my mom the kids and I went down to the strip district. It is a great fun sort of place. We explored the green grocer, the fish market, a Pittsburgh Steeler merchandise store (nothing in the kids sizes other wise they would have been sporting some steeler stuff today). Compared to our little town where food is either from the farmer's market , BJ's or Weis, this was a fantastic experience!

Girlie has decided that we should all move to Pittsburgh. She feels a real attachment to the town.

I told her maybe Daddy will take her to visit next time there is a business trip to CM.

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  1. Wait, you were in the Strip district and couldn't find kid-sized Steelter stuff?! Are you sure you were in the right town?