Thursday, March 5, 2009

Owl Pellets and Mr. Bunny

We have had a great homeschool day. Currently Boyo is working on an animal study of animals in the woods. It is handy that we live in the woods, he can just look out the window or explore in the woods to get a feel for the subject.

One of the projects we are doing relating to woodland animals is dissecting owl pellets. Boyo and Girlie have done this before at the library science class. (Best thing ever that the library offers free science classes and runs then twice, once for the general public and once for homeschoolers). Two Christmases ago, Boyo got a owl pellet kit in his stocking. Yes, Santa believes in education. So today we cracked it open and started dissection. It was fun for Boyo and I. (Girlie watched as she ate lunch). We found a bunch of ribs, a couple legs and at least one jaw.

And for those who wanted more pics of Mr. Bunny:

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  1. I love the look of abject terror on Mr. Bunny's face.