Friday, March 13, 2009

Happy Friday the 13th

As I was walking out of work this morning I wished one of my little guys a Happy Friday the 13th and since my kids were there (Hubby is off to Gulf wars), they asked why I said that.

Which lead to a conversation on the Templars, which lead to the King Phillip, which lead to the Holy Grail, which lead to crucifixion, which lead to the Da Vinci Code, which lead to rites and obligations of a Rabbi, which lead to sang rial, which lead to the Pope, which lead to Medieval Homeland Security issues, which ended with "What do you believe?"

And to think our drive home from work only takes about 4 minutes.

So Happy Friday the 13th, may you not have any Kings out to get you. And for the Templars- I'm sorry for your loss.

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