Monday, January 5, 2009

Fun-gly Soccer Socks

The kids are playing soccer. Yep for the next few weeks I get to sit near "those" parents. Actually except for one or two dads, I have found that soccer parents are as supportive as any other kind of parents. Of course it could just be that all the "newer" players are put on the same team so everyone on Boyo's team is as capable and excited as he is. Nice to have an even playing field. Too bad they play teams that have a clue.

Girlie is in a clinic for the 5 year olds. When I went out I bought shin guards but I wasn't thinking about socks. Really couldn't regular socks work? Evidently not. After making her play once in her brother's socks and once in Daddy's, I felt bad for the kid. So I knitted her up some lovely, fun-gly (fun but ugly) socks.

These socks were knitted magic loop style, toe up, two at a time (the only way to get the stripes to match). I used 5 different yarns. The lovely blue and green were left overs from my wonderful sister, the rainbow on the foot and the odd purple at the top were leftovers from my "clean out and get rid of it" mom, and the toe was leftovers from the socks I made for my sister for Christmas.
The socks are a tiny bit big in the toe and length of the foot but Girlie is only 5 so I figure that she will grow and even if she doesn't do soccer after this session, she'll have some interesting socks. 'Course I'll never admit I made them.
BTW I was smarter with Boyo's shin guards. His are built into the socks. How cool it that!!


  1. Those socks are beauteous! Time for me to start my own blog, now that you have one. Good job!

  2. By kids are SO sockin' picky - you're fortunate to have such a trooper.. however, I think these are perfect winter day socks! Cute!