Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Irish Cinderlad Lapbook

We finished the Irish Cinderlad lapbook in plenty of time to show it off at book reports. Yay Us!!

One of the moms had never heard of lapbooking so for any of you know don't know, lapbooking is using a folder to hold a bunch of little "minit" books. Minit books are interestingly folded bits of paper that ask and answer a question or hold information on a topic. Well that is pretty not clear huh?

Maybe a better explanation is made by using a visual-

Here is the lapbook.

Forgive the data stick. It was to cover Boyo's name.

Here is the inside. You can see all the minit books.

The story summery is a matchbook, The amazing speckled bull is done with a fan fold. Vocabulary and where did Becon find? are both shutterfolds.

Boyo liked doing his book report in this format and loved showing it off to everyone who was there.

For more information on lapbooks, to find free ones, and directions on how to make your own, check out

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  1. I've never heard of this story. Sounds interesting! Great lapbook!