Thursday, January 1, 2009

Once there was a mom who, while on a search for homeschool resources and knitting patterns, discovered blogs. She tried to set one up, but her children were young and the idiot-proof, point and click technology wasn't quiet there so after 2 posts she gave up.

Then years later a friend set up a blog. A very busy and amazing friend who some how, between raising 3 little ones and running a business managed to find the time. So this mom thought, "If she can do it, so can I."

But then came the problem, what would this mom blog about? And that seemed to be an easier question than the search to find a blogging platform that was idiot-proof and point and click. Why she will blog about the kids, homeschooling and knitting!

So as I climb and clamber (knew the picture would be relevant somehow!) into the blogging world... Welcome to my Mousetower.


  1. Absolutely Positively LOVE IT! Finally a way to keep in touch! Okay - how did he do the climbing?

  2. This was at Universal. There is relay gear and it was not his first time. L. can pull his whole weight up with his fingertips (in a different picture). He was such a good climber that 2 men were shy about trying it since they didn't think they would do as well.