Thursday, January 8, 2009

Johnny Law

I am not an alarmist. I try to believe that the people in DC have a clue (yes laugh at me). But this new law that will take effect on FEB 10, 2009 is over the top.

There is a law that is meant to reduce lead in children's products. Sounds good so far, right. It defines children's products as anything made for use by a person under 12 years of age. So think about that for a minute. That is pencils, notebooks, desks, stuffed animals, clothes, BOOKS, science kits, the list is endless. The only things given an exemption are electronic devices.

Now I agree there should not need worrisome amounts of lead in things that kids will eat, and I see the reasoning on jewelry or tea sets. We all know that they go in kids' mouths. But what kid over 5 really still eats paper? And who lets their little one ruin books and eat them to the point where the small amount of lead that could be in the pigments in the ink would make them sick. I think the paper would make them sick first.

Anyway here is the law- in pdf Page 7 is where it gets interesting.

Here is a blog that explains this better than I ever could Learning at his feet

And here is one bit of good news. Before today, this law applied to consignment and used clothing and toys. Now re-sell stores are exempt.

This law, as written, will do terrible things to the small business community. Many mom-and-pop shops will be forced to close. I urge you to write to your people in Washington. Tell them that this is a bad idea for the economy.

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