Friday, January 23, 2009

Put 'em to work!!

It snowed. Well, it was actually on Monday that it snowed, but still. When it snows I have to park at the bottom of our steep driveway. I also usually get stuck doing the shoveling out. Hubby claims it is because I am home more than he is. We won't discuss that bit of logic.

Anyway after walking down the hill in the dark and icky for 3 days, I cancelled school and told the kids to shovel.

They did.

It may not look steep but where the driveway looks like it ends, it actually drops about 6 feet and does a turn.

At last it was warm enough to melt away the last traces of snow. Yay for 50 degree weather!!!

Hopefully it will be that warm tomorrow as we do the Klondike Derby with the cub scouts. I'll try to take pictures.

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