Friday, February 6, 2009

Another tooth

Boyo lost another tooth.

This makes 6 teeth gone from his darling little head. And Girlie has a loose one too. When did my babies decide to grow up?

Boyo lost his bottom two teeth at 5. It was almost exactly a year (to the week) before his lost the top ones. We are still waiting for one of those to grow all the way in.

By the way, the newest one lost is the hole on the bottom.

Boyo is already talking about how he is saving his $1 that he will get from the Tooth Fairy. (Boyo likes to save money. Girlie likes to spend it. Oh well.)

When we had our first Tooth Fairy visit, Hubby and I talked about what the going rate on teeth was and we each had different stories on what we got. I remember one year I got a new book, and for the teeth I had pulled, I got $5. Hubby was lucky to get quarters.

How much did you get from the tooth fairy?

1 comment:

  1. I used to get $1.00. Gage gets $2.00 a tooth, but for the two that had to be pulled from a most horrific accident, he got $15 for one and a rare Hot Wheels car for the other.