Tuesday, February 17, 2009

I have been working on stream of consciousness writing with the kids. Well I've been working up the nerve to do it since spelling that doesn't include vowels gives me the heebie-jeebies. But I want to try it. I'll start first

Outside My Window... Bushes. I'm in the basement and we never open the windows.

I am thankful for... My kids, my hubby, my job that works around my homeschooling, my friends and family and elves that clean Daycare rooms after 3000 people have tromped through.

We are learning... the black plague, Butterflies, fractions, division, using the abacus, reading and Saladin. Next week we move to Joan of Arc, woodlands animals and the food pyramid. Oh and Continental knitting.

From the upstairs... Listening to the kids play superheros. I love to hear them negotiate which superpowers they have. "You can turn things to glass but I break things with my brain"- Girlie

I am working on... self striped socks from knitty. I have 2" left to go on the cuff and it is taking forever. They are odd construction a la Cat Bordhi.

I am reading... Little Big Mind by Marietta McCarty It is about introducing philosophy to kids.

I am hoping... to trade rooms with Hubby and move his stuff into another room so I can make the basement into a schoolroom/playroom.

Around the house... lots of Girlie art work

One of my favorite things... when the kids empty the dishwasher. I have simple dreams.

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week... Scooby Doo thing at the library today, work, focusing on phonics and math with Girlie, working on the striped socks and hopefully getting them done so I can start a sweater for hubby next week.

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