Sunday, February 15, 2009

Update on 2009 list

So here is my list I started in January. The colored parts are the things accomplished. (I still need to figure out how to do a strike though on blogger)

Here is my plan for 2009 (and sub lists for Boyo and Girlie)
  1. Research insurance coverage for private speech therapy
  2. Learn to cook 2 new recipes that picky hubby will eat got 1 so far
  3. Put all recipes that picky hubby will eat in a binder so I will know if it is an actually thing he has tried and liked.
  4. Knit a new sweater for Boyo (the one I made for Xmas was too small, I plan on frogging it and redoing it)
  5. Knit a baby sweater for Jessica's bun in the oven
  6. Repaint the living room or at least touch up the spots that need a second coat
  7. Hang the DVD cabinet
  8. Organize school stuff
  9. Buy bookshelves for living room
  10. Buy baskets for daily school stuff, one basket per kid, so the daily getting started will be easier
  11. Separate the kids into their own bedrooms
  12. Paint the kids' bedrooms
  13. Put curtains in all the windows of the house
  14. Dry clean curtains for living room window
  15. Get the right kind of hardware for living room curtains and hang them
  16. Blog at least 3 times a week In process
  17. Offer the Andrew Lost lapbook templates to the homeschooling community for free
  18. Post knitting pattern for bitty baby socks and bitty baby sweater from sock yarn
  19. Make Girlie a dress to wear to the girl scout Daddy-Daughter Dance
  20. Get Jessica's recipe for Mac and Cheese
  21. Make everyone entire new wardrobes for good linen and wool for Pennsic

Boyo's List

  • Lapbook the entire Andrew Lost series and get it bound
  • Finish Singapore Math 2B and 3A Almost done with 2B
  • Take a reading level placement test
  • Finish History Curriculum in process
  • Learn to knit with 2 colors
  • Learn to play chess (to earn the cub scout belt loop)
  • Fight at practice every day while at Pennsic
  • Become a better, more detailed writer In process

Girlie's List

  1. Learn to read at a 1st grade level
  2. Take a reading level placement test
  3. Learn to speak well enough to not need speech therapy In process
  4. Take a tour of the local elementary school in case she does end up there
  5. Learn to count to 100 using English words (thirteen instead of 10-3)

So this is where we are a month in. I figure it isn't too bad. We are working at the list a little at a time, and I try not to add anything too it, though I might make a new an improved list for the spring if I get more knocked off this one.

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