Saturday, February 7, 2009

Warm Weather

It is suppose to get up to 50 degrees today. That is practically spring-like. Of course the thought of spring brings on consignment sales which is were I was at 6:30 am this morning, on my off day when I could have slept until noon! But Girlie needed a new coat (found one for $1) and Boyo was in need of pants that didn't have holes in the knees (got 3 pairs)

But my best purchase was this:
Plaid pants made from midweight cotton (think golf pants) Throw a tunic over top and Boyo will be ready to do Bar-Bar in the Bog. And how much did these little darlings cost (besides getting me laughed at as I squealed with glee) only a buck. Can't do better than that!

And in honor of Pennsic (less than 6 months to go) here are some photos. Cue heroic music.

I still can't decide who is a cuter warrior, Boyo or Hubby.

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  1. Great pictures and you sure know how to bargain shop!! You must be so proud :) My fav TV show, Extreme Makeover, Home Edition had a family on last night who are into some sort of medival reinactment in Connecticut. The players showed up on Day 3 to help demolish the house. Here's the website w/the pictures if you are interested in seeing their jousting and their battering ram:
    Love You!!