Friday, February 20, 2009


Boyo and Girlie has a playdate with BFF and her brothers the other day. As we were pulling into their lot, Boyo announced that he loved going to BFF's house because it was the "best place ever." When I pressed him on why he likes it so much I discovered a few important things

  1. Boys are different that girls.

  2. Boys, when put in groups of more than 1, will play war. (though they seem to play it with imaginary friends too)

  3. War games are very important to male child pecking order and social structure.

  4. I have stunted Boyo emotionally because even though he has all the swords he could want; he didn't have guns, or bombs, or know how to blow a bugle call to charge.

  5. Easter Eggs that break when you throw them release "sharp-nal."

  6. Boyo looks pretty darn cute in a WWI helmet.

  7. Most homeschooled boys know, in theory, how to make gun powder and they all would like to try.

  8. Most homeschool moms answer the question of "can we make gun powder?" with one of 2 answers. A) Why don't you talk to Dad about that? or B) Well that would be an interesting experiment but Homeland Security might get upset so we better wait until (insert some time far in the future or a location where it might be more acceptable).

I would have loved to get pics of the boys playing but I was enjoying Mommy time with BFF Mom and I forgot my camera.

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